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US Gov is Hostile to US Citizen Crypto Users

I was doing a double take to look at the fees on coinbase and I realized it is by far the highest in the industry. Even my backwater offshore forex sites that charge a 22% spread which I thought was criminal are half as much as coinbase. .22% vs .50% on coinbase.

I just saw even more bad news. Apparently the holding company for ledgerX the exchange did a hostile take over and put the CEOs on administrative leave. I find it extremely fishy that the only non legacy wallstreet derivative exchange that is regulated in the united states has repeatedly had huge set backs and drama, it strikes me as though there is a concerted effort by the likes of Baakt, Fidelity, and CME to engage in monopolistic behavior.
Then we look at the total shitshow that Bittrex became, and then Poloniex boots Americans completely, Binance is forced into making a US division which they give executive powers to a ripple wallstreet CEO. Local Bitcoins is shut down. Mnuchin on tv making open threats to bitcoiners. ICO bans. Endless IRS bullshit.
What blows my mind is that the obvious isn't obvious to the average american crypto user. That the government is making concerted anti free market decisions to absolutely knee cap our options, driving exchanges out of the space and colluding with Brian Armstrong while basically doing everything it humanly can to give the reigns to wallstreet with extreme and I mean EXTREME intermediary custodian bullshit by the likes of fidelity. They refuse to give us regulated high leverage derivative platforms, don't allow retail to even fucking use CME or Baakt.

Honestly the only good regulated platform left is Kraken. If they take Kraken I'm just hodling and resorting to legacy finance where I can at least trade crude oil in fucking peace.

The point of the story, is that Andreas Antonopolis is right about everything. We need an interchain, we need full DeFi unseizable DEX ecosystems with no FUCKING EXCHANGE NO FUCKING EXCHANGE REGULATED BY THE USA NO NO NO.
We need defi everything. I saw a guy in china working on building a DEX version of bitmex, I say good riddance, DEX everything, until there's nothing left to DEX. Host it all on IFPS.
You sheeple really gotta wake up and stop letting the boomers regulate us into poverty, the regulatory situation in the united states is disgraceful. They are trying to make bitcoin not bitcoin. If you give them an inch they will take a mile.
We need the #interchain with the likes of plasma and cosmos, and raden, and so forth. These son of a bitches keep talking about intermediaries. and custodian this, and everything about goddamn walstreet,

Take a look around, look at cash app, coinbase, bitterex, poloniex, gemini, the options for US citizen are a steaming pile of horse shit.

We can't settle for this.
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